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Give your child’s pre-loved trainers a new home in South Africa!

NOTE - Last day to ship shoes via Parcel Motel extended to Fri 21st Feb


"In My Shoes" is an appeal for a donation of quality, pre-loved trainers & sports shoes from families in Ireland, which are sent to kids in townships in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our first campaign in 2019, saw 2,500 pairs of shoes being shipped to South Africa. We aim to smash that number this year!! 

What are we doing?

The first "In My Shoes" campaign in 2019 saw 2,500 pairs of pre-loved sports shoes donated by families in Sligo, shipped and distributed to the kids in the townships in Cape Town, South Africa. 

This year we aim to collect 5,000 pairs! 

How does it work?

We work with local schools and sports clubs in Sligo and Kildare to collect the shoes. Donations can also be accepted from schools and clubs nationwide thanks to the generous support of Parcel Motel.   


We then sort, pack and send them to a charity we work with in South Africa  (GKF) to be distributed to where they are needed most in the townships.

When is it taking place?

We will be collecting the shoes in early February 2020. Once sorted and packed, the shoes will leave Ireland for their 8 week sea voyage to Cape Town in early March.

How do I take part?

Select your region below to see how your school or sports club can take part. 

Take Part:  Sligo 

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Take Part:  Kildare 

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Take Part: Nationwide 

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