The first "In My Shoes" campaign commenced in January 2019 (see more on the background to the campaign here)

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The campaign received massive support. 

Over 40 national schools in Sligo took part.  In all, over 2,500 pairs of sports shoes were donated, collected, sorted and shipped to the "In My Shoes" partners in Cape Town - the Gary Kirsten Foundation & Wynberg Boys' High School Soccer Team.

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Children in Sligo were also asked to include a note with each pair of shoes to tell the kids in Cape Town a little bit about themselves and the sports they play


During Febuary, the 2,500 pairs of sports shoes collected from the schools were sorted, packed and sent for shipment to Cape Town. 

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10 weeks later, the shipment arrived and was distributed to the kids in townships around Cape Town by the Gary Kirsten Foundation & Wynberg Boys' High School Soccer Team, the"In My Shoes" partners in Cape Town.

The impact on the ground was massive. 

"In My Shoes" received the following feedback from our Cape Town partners:

“Your generous donation impacted so many lives”

“These communities are of the poorest and your donation of boots made many children smile and brought joy to them through your acts of kindness”


“One of the community leaders broke down in tears when we told her of our plans with the shoes, as they have been plagued by gang violence over the last couple weeks”.


"We are incredibly grateful for the incredible ‘In My Shoes’ campaign; myself and the team were absolutely amazed when this massive shipment arrived”


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What began as a modest target of 500 pairs of sports shoes was such a success that it is being run again in February 2020. The new target will be 5,000 pairs of pre-loved football boots and trainers.


It looks like "In My Shoes" is just hitting its stride!

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