Transparency & Disclosures:

The "In My Shoes" appeal is not a registered charity (though our partner in Cape Town, the Gary Kirsten Foundation is) .

The model is very simple, but we want to be as transparent as possible. All donations and expenditure linked to the appeal will be posted publicly to this page and signed off by an accountant (Pro-bono).




Based on 2019 campaign, this will be mainly comprised of:


  • Shipping consignment to Cape Town (the major cost)

  • Van hire

  • Any potential storage costs

  • Postage

  • Marketing materials



Monetary donations -

1. PlanetTalk & White Calling

As Ciaran's employer, they will once again provide the initial funding for the appeal and pay for marketing materials, postage to schools, van hire etc.  They will also cover any shortfall in funding for the overall project.

They will also cover the cost of Ciaran's flights to South Africa to oversee the distribution of the shoes. 

2. Voluntary donations from parents

For the 2020 campaign, we are asking parents to make a small voluntary donation to assist with the cost of shipping.  We are suggesting that they include €1 with a pair of shoes, but no more than €2 per family (for any amount of shoes).


In 2019 the shipping cost for 2,500 pairs of shoes was €1,634.  For 2020 we are looking for 5,000 plus pairs of shoes.


Receipts will be issued to each school or sports club for any donations received and this will be listed on this page as part of the final accounts.


3. From the wider public


We can accept donations via the Donations link on this page.  


Excess Funds:


Should the amount of donations received exceed the amount needed to fund the 2020 campaign, the excess funds will be held in trust in an escrow bank account for the 2021 campaign.


If, for any reason, the 2021 appeal does not take place, any surpluses will be distributed to the Gary Kirsten Foundation in Cape Town, one of our distribution partners in the townships and a fully registered charity. 

If this process is required, it will be overseen by an Irish based solicitor and accountant.