For the first 'In My Shoes' appeal in 2019, we aimed to collect 500 pairs of sports shoes to send to the townships in South Africa.  We ended up getting over 2,500!!!

This was an amazing result but the cost of shipping that many shoes, half way around the world, is quite significant - €1,634 in 2019.  Add to that van hire, leaflets, postage etc and costs start adding up. 


As this year we aim to get at least 5,000 pairs of shoes donated, it would be great to get some assistance with this cost.  Ciaran McHugh's employer, White Calling, very kindly funded the shipping costs in 2019, but with a more ambitious target this year, it is a lot to ask one company to absorb!  

Hence we are asking for a voluntary donation of €1 per pair or shoes (but no more than €2 per family for unlimited shoes) to help with the costs. 

However, you can also make a donation directly via the website using the above link - ideal if your kids are grown up or you own a business but you still want to support the appeal.  

For further information on projected expenditure and future accountability, see our Transparency page. 


(Note - PayPal account is set up in name of Ciaran McHugh - a full statement will be posted to this site and verified by an accountant)