Cape Town Charities

In My Shoes are very grateful for the continued support of two distribution agents on the ground in South Africa.


The focus of the Gary Kirsten Foundation is on the creation of sporting ecosystems and healthy alternatives for township communities by providing quality infrastructure that is safe and accessible to people in the townships.

Gary Kirsten has a passion for the development of sporting talent in South Africa. South Africa has a rich sporting culture and has produced many great cricketers, however there is a lack of Black African cricketers being represented in the South African domestic, first-class and international cricket structures.

Cricket Clubs and schools located within township areas are central to the success of aspiring youngsters who wish to become professional cricketers.

Unfortunately the general state of outdoor practice facilities in these areas are currently not able to provide for the needs of aspiring township cricketers or youngsters who are interested in the game of cricket.

The Gary Kirsten Foundation is proud to be actively working on various projects in the community. From net installations and coach development for the township cricket development initiative , to planning South Africa’s 1st complete artificial cricket field, developing a groomsmen training programme and community sports hubs.


Wynberg Boys’ High School is one of the oldest and most prestigious boys’ schools in South Africa located in the suburb of Wynberg in Cape Town. Rich in tradition, Wynberg is a school of incredible opportunities. Wynberg celebrates diversity, embracing and respecting the differences that bring us all together in a healthy community inspired by opportunities to achieve excellence in all spheres of school life, be it academics, sport, culture, or service.


The Wynberg Soccer Department lead by Vice Principal Roland Rudd and the 1st soccer team, teamed up with Ciaran McHugh in 2019 and through the efforts of Ciaran and In My Shoes and so many giving freely in Ireland, we were able to provide soccer boots to the impoverished soccer loving communities of Cape Town bringing hope and smiles to the faces of the children and families in these communities.


In these communities, families live in shacks and children go to bed hungry in the evening, many children are often left without parents, the communities are fraught with gangsterism and many of the children have no shoes, playing soccer barefoot.


At matches in the communities of Hangberg, Phillipi, Langa and Valhalla Park (some of the poorest communities in South Africa), local leaders assisted Wynberg in setting up soccer matches where families waited in lines to be given meals, boots and clothes using these soccer matches against the local community as a catalyst to bring the community out in support of these events.


In 2020 we hope to grow the outreach project and provide hope and joy to many others who so desperately need a glimmer of hope.

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Ciaran McHugh, Founder of In My Shoes, works for a UK based telecoms company called White calling /PlanetTalk.  


The support of PlanetTalk is key to the success of this project as they provide essential financial contributions. Even more key is freeing up Ciaran's time and also seconding additional staff to assist with the collection, sorting and packing of the shoes. 


The PlanetTalk mobile app means you make cheap international calls – at work, on the move, socialising with friends – straight from your mobile. 

See more information here:

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Having Parcel Motel come on board as a partner for the 2020 campaign has been a huge development for the shoe appeal. 


Their support has meant that we can now accept shoes from any school or sports club nationwide. Following on from the first appeal in 2019 we had surge in inquires from all 4 provinces of Ireland offering support and wanting to participate in future schemes. Thanks to Parcel Motel they now can participate in the 2020 appeal.


See the Nationwide page for more details.  

Smart Plastics:


One of the challenges that we had to overcome in the inaugural 2019 appeal was getting a supply of uniform boxes to ship the shoes out to Cape Town in.


Thankfully, Smart Plastics, a long time supplier to Ciarans employers, PlanetTalk, stepped in and donated custom made boxes for the appeal. 


Once again we value their support for 2020.